'Calling For Hell' - Undertale: Here We Are Remix [RetroSpecter]

by RetroSpecter

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ART BY➤ twitter.com/sketchpawz
PATREON➤ bit.ly/24b1dbf
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(I know the name is edgy but I couldn't think of anything better step off m8 :v) Another month of struggling and self-doubt has passed but I'm here again with another remix. I think I'm going to release an Undertale remix every other remix, that way I can get what I want out without an angry mob yelling at me in the comments section.

So 'Here It Is'! (See what I did there. No? Oh. :c ) This one took about 20 hours to make so thankfully not as long as Your Best Nightmare or Finale, but it was still difficult working in 3/4 time. I also finally added something original at the end! (Minus the Undertale Main Theme motif) so yay for progress. I want to start composing because I need more practice if that's something I want to do in the future. This was just a little practice to see what I could do so far. I know it's nothing special but I hope you guys like it! Peace.

Q: Can I use your music in my videos?
A: As long as I'm credited in some way, yep.

Q: What software(s) do you use?
A: FL Studio 12 for music, Sony Vegas Pro 13.0/Adobe After FX for videos, DxTory/Nvida Shadowplay for PC capture, and Elgato HD60 for console recordings.

Q: Are you a furry?
A: I'll be whatever you want me to be bb ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


released June 25, 2016



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